Are you ready to take a cat into your life

Taking a cat into your life should be a responsible decision

Ste pripravljeni na prihod macke v vase zivljenjeBefore you decide to buy a cat, think carefully about this. Think about how your cat should look like and what should be her character. Find and read a book about the care and needs of cats, watch some broadcasts about cats, go and see some cat shows, in short – get as much information as possible about the life and needs of cats.

Consider also, whether you are willing to devote the time and bear the needed costs for the next 15 – 20 years, while the cat will live with you. Do you know, who will take care for your cat in your absence and during your vacations? Does your family agrees with the arrival of a new family member? If you answered yes to all this, then you can probably start thinking about buying a cat.

Cats are clean and intelligent animals and they will adapt to live in your apartment, but it still can happen that your leather couch is going to get some scratches, the cat will throw up over your carpet … are you prepared to take an animal?

Taking care for the cat will cost you around 70 eur per month, once a year a cat must be vaccinated against infectious diseases (apx. 30 eur), and castrated or sterilized (one-time cost 80-100 eur). If you don’t have anyone to take care of a cat in your absence, and you  will acommodate her in a cat hotel – consider the cost of 10-12 euros per day for her care. The cat also needs a scratching post, which are available in almost every pet store and costs from around 60 eur and even to 1000 eur, depending on the quality and size. Cat tree must be stable, otherwise it may fall over and the cat will not use it. You also need a transporting box, a bed and some bowls for food and water. And don’t forget, a cat should get some cat toys. All that you need to consider and plan for these costs. And all this is true, if the cat is healthy. But if your cat becomes ill or suffers an accident (you can’t exclude this with living beings), an unplanned costs will appear – are the costs of her treatment for you for granted? If you have any doubts, consider carefully.

Are you ready for all listed above and willing to accept the cat as a single living being? Then you’re probably a good candidate to get a healthy young animal from a reputable breeder. All the care and love you’re going to give to your cat, she’s going to return to you back, richly.

I don’t want you – the future new owners of cats, discourage from the decision to get a  company of one (or more) of these wonderful creatures, but you do so responsibly.

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