Kittens won’t be available for a longer period.

Leglo G_9 weeks

Leglo G

Our kittens go to their new homes after they reach at least 14 weeks. All kittens are clear of parasites, vaccinated against infectious diseases, they are microchiped, have a passport, medical certificate and original pedigree. Conditions for getting a kitten are set out in a written contract.

Our cats live with us as our family members and they are completely socialized. They are used of people, they accompany us at our daily routine, we play with them and love them. We wish to all our kittens a nice new home filled with love and attention. They will be given away only to people who meet these requirements.

We look forward to stay in touch with new owners and are available for questions and advice. We are also happy to receive photos and any information about life and success of our cats.

Some general informations:

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